Fleet Management for Electric Vechicles

ZeroMission is a technology focused provider of integrated data for intelligent fleet electrification planning, operations and reporting

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Market Segments
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zeromission Market Segments transit bus


Transit Bus

Public transport operators of all types of passenger vehicles, single and double deck, artic and bi-artic buses.

Market segments with Zeromission Long Haul Coach


Long Haul Coach

Shuttle and over the road coach fleets for private sector and public transit operators.

Market Segments with Zeromission Charging Hubs


Charging Hubs

Infrastructure and energy management and control for charging hub operators supporting all vehicle types from passenger cars to heavy duty trucking.

Market segments with zeromission Construction Vehicles


Construction Vehicles

Dedicated module for construction, quarrying & mining equipment with integration to onsite material delivery & work plans.

Market segments with zeromission Auto OEM’s


Auto OEM’s

Data aggregation services for vehicle OEM’s, management and operation of internal fleet vehicles.

Market segments with zeromission Logistics Fleet


Logistics Fleet

Own and third party logistics fleets for all vehicles from delivery vans to heavy duty trucks including refrigerated trailers.

Market Segments with zeromission School Bus


School Bus

North American school bus operations and specialist passenger operations using school buses class C & D.

market segments with zeromission Port Electrification


Port Electrification

Cargo handling equipment, top loaders, cranes and yard tractor fleets at seaports, airports and rail terminals.

Market segments with zeromission Utility Fleets


Utility Fleets

Utility fleets with specialist vehicles for line maintenance, road cleaning and refuse collection.

market segments with zeromission Truck as a Service



Infrastructure, energy management and site control for Truck as a Service facility operators with driver applications and extensions for out of depot on-route charging.

zeromission zev focused data driven proven experience



A single-subscription, fully integrated solution for
EV fleet management

zeromission depot management

Depot Management

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zeromission vehicle management

Vehicle Management

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zeromission energy management

Energy Management

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Charge Management platform with ZeroMission

Charger Management

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zeromission advisory service

Advisory Service

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zeromission data and reporting software

Data and Reporting

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We simplify the Electric Vehicle Eco-System

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