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ZeroMission is a technology focused provider of integrated data for intelligent fleet electrification planning, operations and reporting

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ZeroMission is a technology focused provider of integrated data for intelligent fleet electrification planning, operations and reporting. Here you can view our frequently asked questions or get in contact with us with any other query.


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What businesses does ZeroMission work with

ZeroMission works with and delivers solutions for leading organizations in the ZEV sector, such as ChargePoint, Siemens, ABM, Volvo Bus and Truck, Daimler, New Flyer, GILLIG, STM Montreal, New York MTA, SFMTA and Translink, we have built and pioneered the electric vehicle industry from a commercial and engineering perspective in North America and Europe.

What are ZeroMission Solution Benefits

Our solution provides operators highest visibility and control of issues and exceptions to planned operations in real time. We achieve this by integrating and mapping each of the data inputs from across the entire EV Fleet eco-system. Our solution is designed as a dynamic support tool with suggested actions, powered by AI and highlights the issues operators need to know about, when they need to know and does not overwhelm system users with non time critical information.

What are ZeroMission Services

Fleet operators provide critical transport services 365 days a year and in many cases, especially passenger services, on a 24hr basis. To ensure mission success operators need practical, reliable solutions to manage operations, track vehicles and to monitor and control energy infrastructure.

What do you get from the ZeroMission Platform
  • Maximum vehicle utilization

  • Highly reliable decision support tools

  • Visualisation of all fleet operations

  • Optimisation of energy consumption

  • Management of alerts and faults

  • Integration of all operating parameters

  • Vehicle and infrastructure agnostic

Can I book a Demo

Let our team of experienced electrification, transport, and energy specialists help you assess your site and energy needs, select the right technology, design a practical solution, and work with you to plan a pilot operation or how to scale for the future. Book a demo today by emaling us at info@zeromission.io

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